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Disruption to Work During the COVID-19 Crisis

This survey is now closed.

It was a great success and we learned loads about peoples’ lives and experiences and about what matters to people at this extraordinary time. Thanks to all who took part.

You can access some of our findings at the following links:

Tasc Blog;

RTE Brainstorm.

Please consider taking part in one of our follow-up surveys.

Work and Welfare Experiences

This survey is now live!

The second in a series of surveys designed to capture people’s lived experiences of unemployment during the COVID-19 crisis.

Have you been out of work and experienced unemployment during the Covid-19 crisis?

If you have been out of work at any time over the crisis, whether you have become unemployed because of the Covid-19 pandemic or you were already unemployed, this survey is for you. We are really interested in hearing about your experiences of being out of work, life and welfare during the pandemic.

In particular we are interested in:

  • Your experience of being out of work during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • How you are adjusting to the new situation, socially and economically.
  • What you think of the government response to the loss of jobs in the crisis.
  • Your opinions on work/life balance in light of the crisis.

These are important questions and we would be very grateful for your participation. This survey is being carried out by a group of researchers at University College Cork: Dr Joe Whelan, Dr Fiona Dukelow and Dr Tom Boland.

When you open the survey, you will find some information on the details of this study. Please read these carefully. If you are happy to do so, please go on and complete the survey in your own time.

If you wish, you can look at the main questions (Sections 4 & 5) and return to fill out these at your convenience before you submit the survey, as we are interested in hearing your story in detail.

Further queries?

If you need any further information please contact the researchers at:

Work and Welfare Experiences

The third in a series of surveys, this survey is expected to go live in the next number of months. Please check back for updates and details.

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